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ZEROi uses bone conduction audio technology to transfer sound to your inner ear via vibrations. You can hear external sound when listening to music, cycling, or jogging on the road. ZEROi lets you keep your ears open so you can hear the surrounding sounds.


ZEROi brings you the high quality audio experience of stereo sound with the convenience of Bluetooth technology. You can enjoy your music without blocked earphones.

Phone Call

ZEROi has a built-in microphone that lets you make and answer phone calls. You can answer calls directly and immediately without the need of an extra headsets or earphone. Have phone calls when jogging, ridding, and exercising.


ZEROi helps  prevent damage from sweat or rain. So don’t worry if you are listening to your music in the rain.

*ZEROi is able to resist the penetration of water to some degree, but not entirely.

Magnetic Connector

ZEROi has a detachable magnetic connector. It is easy to connect ZEROi’s cable magnetically with one hand. It also reduce abrasion when inserting or plugging out the cable. It protects your charging ports from objects such as dust, linen and water.

Battery Life

ZEROi’s battery life is excellent. You can listen to music up to 5 hours.

Easy Control

ZEROi has one button. The one button simplifies control of its features which can be used to turn on/off ZEROi.


To serve various tastes and needs of the customers, ZEROi has designed two different caps: baseball caps and snapback hats.



ZEROi uses bone conduction audio technology to transfer sound to your inner ear without the use of earphones. You can listen to the music or make phone calls without putting in your earphones. ZEROi doesn’t block the outside sound, so it can be used in normal environment conditions which will enhance your safety.


Oil Coated Cotton

The oil coating process allows for a smooth, protected, and well-polished product unlike your normal fabric or synthetic leather.

This oil coating also protects the fabric from minor externals shocks and scratches, which enhances the durability of the product.





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